Virtual Northern Blot

This program will provide both qualitative and quantitative gene-expression profiles
using the latest data in dbEST (real time) by employing an algorithm similar to what
is done experimentally for Northern Blots. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Set your input:

Upload input sequence : (and use BLAST alignment)

(this file must contain a plain nucleotide sequence: only characters {A,G,C,T,a,g,c,t} and spaces/returns)


Upload ClustalW alignment:

(you can create it at the ClustalW website, use the default settings)

Select your parameters:

organism: human mouse

exclude ESTs from cancerous tissue in profile

check probes for exact matches to the paralogs

window size:   probe length:

name your query:

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These results are generated in real time, thus they will take some time to compute.
The results will be emailed to you within 5-30 minutes, unless the servers in use
by VNB are down or slower than normal. If you do not see results after an hour,
please let us know by email.

If you would like to get a gene-expression profile faster, you can access
sites such as UNIGENE, TissueInfo, or ECgene, which will provide similar results
derived from pre-mined older qualitative data. For help using these sites to get
gene-expression profilessimilar to VNB click here.

click here for help

Please email with comments/suggestions.
If you would like to obtain the JAVA source code, please send your request to